Fire Extinguisher Training


A good emergency response plan starts with proper training. Let’s face it; the best fire extinguishers maintained under the best service plan are worthless if your employees are not capable of operating them during an emergency.

For this reason, StopFire offers comprehensive fire extinguisher training, both in the classroom and at live fire demonstrations. We use actual fire extinguisher equipment to extinguish the fire, allowing the participants a realistic “hands-on” experience. This experience is invaluable in the event of a true emergency. There is no simulator that can adequately replicate live fire training.

The ‘Operation StopFire ‘ Fire Safety Training Programme.

To fight a fire successfully, you must first understand it. How it grows and spreads. What are its many forms. The Operation Stopfire Fire Safety Training Programme covers all the possible lines of defense against the threat of fire. The programme comprises seven key fire safety training segments and is based on material gathered from several prominent industry experts and our own research over decades.



We also offer fire training in the following areas:

  • Conducting Mock Drills
  • Evacuation drills
  • Sounding off the alarms
  • Operation techniques of the basic Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Facilitating proper evacuation
  • Alerting the unaware inhabitants
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • And many more…

StopFire extinguisher training should be a part of your company’s comprehensive safety training program.

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